Amazon Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

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Amazon is an American multinational company founded by Jeff Bezos from his garage in Bellevue, Washington, U.S on July 5, 1994. It has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

amazon stock

Amazon is focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming and artificial intelligence.

Amazon’s IPO

The initial pricing range for Amazon was $12 to $14, which was increased to $14 to $16 before the company’s investment bankers decided on the $18 price.

Amazon received $54 million from its IPO, increasing its market worth to $438 million.

That’s how Amazon has entered in the trading world on May 15, 1997 under a ticker symbol ‘AMZN’.

Amazon Stock Forecast (Short- and Long-Term)

Here is a basic price prediction table that can give you a rough idea about the Amazon stock forecast.

2022$ 109.56$ 108.31
2023$ 126.22$ 140.44
2024$ 172.04$ 186.11
2025$ 208.80$ 219.00
2030$ 291.05$ 297.45

Short-term forecast

  • Amazon price prediction 2022: If Amazon stock increases by 19% annually, it may reach 108.31 in 2022. That number is the average growth estimate of 20 top analysts. Although not every expert expects the same thing, some predict a modest 11% increase in the stock price to $106.44.
  • Amazon price prediction 2023: The same 19% growth prediction would result in $140.44 in 2023. That is consistent with one of the most bullish analysts’ predictions, those of Mark Mahaney from the Evercore Group, who has his target set at $125.00.

Long-term forecast

  • Amazon price prediction 2024: In 2024, according to tech analyst Brent Thill of Jefferies, Amazon’s market valuation will top $3 trillion and its stock price will hit $186.11. His forecast of 70% growth is predicated on the company’s plans to expand its AWS, SaaS, and B2B service offerings.
  • Amazon price prediction 2025: Gary Galiardi, CEO of the Science of Strategy Institute, predicts that Amazon’s stock price will be about $220.00 by 2025. Although some analysts claim there is a 50% chance that the corporation will be broken up by then.
  • Amazon price prediction 2030: The most hopeful forecasts call for an Amazon stock price of $298.44 at the start of the next decade, which would represent a big rise from 2021 levels. If it turns out to be accurate, the company’s market value would be greater than $6 trillion.

Experts Saying About Amazon Stock

Below we have given some of the experts quotes by which you can get a rough idea about Amazon stock.

John Blackledge, Cowen

“Amazon is now the top location for consumers to begin a product search, to research a product prior to an online or in-store purchase, and the leading platform to complete the purchase”

Doug Anmuth, JP Morgan

“Amazon maintains 40% share of US e-commerce and we believe Amazon should surpass WMT (Walmart) as the largest US retailer in 2022”

Brain Nowak, Morgan Stanley

“Many levers and factors will enable Amazon to deliver stronger multi-year profitability.”

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What can Affect the Price of Amazon Stock?

Here below are some main factors that can affect the price of Amazon stock.

  • Competition: One of the main factors influencing Amazon’s stock price is competition from other merchants. Despite being the largest e-commerce corporation on the planet, it has been up against increasingly fierce competition from other businesses, most notably Walmart, which has been increasing its online presence recently.
  • Expansion: Amazon works in a variety of industries, and by diversifying, it has been able to keep its stock price rising. However, a crucial element that will probably affect its price is its capacity to keep growing into new areas. It has already entered the grocery market and wants to expand into other industries, including pharmaceuticals.
  • Growth: Amazon’s company is well-diversified, but its ability to expand consistently across all industries depends on the value of its stock. Its cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services, is one of these sectors. AWS is the most well-known cloud computing supplier in the world, and the business must keep expanding in this sector to satisfy investors.

Is Amazon a Worth Buying Stock?

Despite the dangers associated with investing in Amazon, the market leader in cloud computing and e-commerce, has strong long-term growth potential, and its shares are currently a good deal.

We only offer advice based on our best estimates; therefore, we suggest you to conduct your own research before taking any action.

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