ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, and 2034

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ChargePoint Holdings Inc. is an American Electric Vehicle infrastructure company, founded by Richard Lowenthal, Harjinder Bhade, Dave Baxter and Praveen Mandal in year 2007 as Coulomb Technologies. It has headquartered in Campbell, California, U.S.

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ChargePoint Holdings Inc. has its ticker symbol listed on NYSE is ‘CHPT.

ChargePoint Stock Forecast (Short- and Long-Term)

2023$ 5.57$ 0.53
2024$ 0.01$ 0.01
2025$ 0.01$ 0.01
2030$ 0.00001$ 0.0001
2034$ 0.0001$ 0.0001

Short-term forecast

Price prediction 2023: According to the forecast, the stock price will cost $5.57 in the middle of the year and will increase to $0.53 by the end of the year.

Price prediction 2024: The stock will cost $0.01 at mid-year and $0.01 at the end of the year.

Price prediction 2025: The stock price will drop to $0.01 in the middle of 2025 and to $0.01 by the end of the year.

Long-term forecast

Price prediction 2030: According to some analysts, the stock will increase to a price of $0.00001 by the middle of 2030 and reach $0.0001 by the end of the year.

Price prediction 2034: According to the predicted price, the stock would grow to $0.0001 by the end of the year, from a mid-2034 high of $0.0001.

Current stock price of ChargePoint stock is 9.01 USD.

Factors Affecting the Price of ChargePoint Stock

Here are some main factors that can affect the price of ChargePoint stock.

Market for Electric Vehicles: ChargePoint is an electric vehicle infrastructure company, so there is a possible future market for these kinds of companies.

Margin: In today’s market, margin is a general problem among EV based companies. The supply chains are disrupted and there is no such profit growth in the gross margins of these companies.

Supply Chain: Once the supply chain is sorted, this company is start making profit from the margins, as there is a huge market for EVs in the near future.

Is ChargePoint Stock a Good Buy Now?

For now, there is no such profit from the margins of this company. In future, if this company gets its supply chain sorted, then there maybe some returns you can get in the long term.

But as the competition will also rise, and comparatively other competitors are doing well, there are low chances that this stock can give high returns.

*We only offer advice based on our best estimations; therefore, we urge you to conduct your own research before making any decisions.

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