Ford Stock Price Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, and 2040

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Somehow, we all know about Ford, Ford Motor Company or shortly called as just Ford is an American multinational vehicle manufacturer whose headquarter is in Dearborn, Michigan, U.S. It was founded by Henry Ford on Nov 3, 1901 but incorporated on June 16, 1903.

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Ford Stock IPO

At the time Ford launched its IPO, it was one of the largest IPO in American history.

However, Ford’s late founder Henry Ford never wanted Ford to go public as he hated debt more than anything and he considered this as a pernicious form of debt.

The Ford stock that was sold in that initial public offering fetched about $643 million.

Ford Stock Forecast (Short- and Long-Term)

Below is a basic price prediction table: –

YearsMin PriceAvg PriceMax Price
2023$ 22.00$ 23.75$ 25.50
2024$ 27.75$ 29.75$ 32.00
2025$ 34.75$ 37.25$ 39.75
2030$ 96.50$ 103.75$ 110.25
2040$ 595$ 640$ 685

Short-term forecast

  • Ford price prediction 2023: Technical analysis indicates that in 2023 the price of Ford Stock will reach the Lower Range at $22.00, the Higher Range at $25.50, and the Medium Range at $23.75.
  • Ford price prediction 2024: Ford Stock Price is expected to reach a Lower Range of $27.75, a Higher Range of $32.00, and a Medium Range of $29.75 by 2024.
  • Ford price prediction 2025: According to analysis, the price of Ford stock will reach the lower level at $34.75, the higher range at $39.75, and the medium range at $37.25 in 2025.

Long-term forecast

  • Ford price prediction 2030: According to analysis, the price of Ford stock will be $96.50 in the lower range, $110.25 in the higher range, and $103.75 in the middle by 2030.
  • Ford price prediction 2040: According to our analysis and expert guidance, the price of Ford stock will be $595 in the lower range, $685 in the higher level, and $640 in the middle by 2040.

Current stock price of Ford is 13.38 USD.

Factors affecting price of Ford stock

As we all know it’s a vehicle manufacturing company and have market in many different countries. The major factors can be Sales of Vehicles, Competition and Change in Country’s Import-Export policies.

Is Ford Stock Worth a Buy?

Yes, the earnings data for the most recent quarter, ending in June 2022, is extremely remarkable. Additionally, we expect strong demand for electric vehicles and strong fundamental data for future returns. Ford Stock, however, supports long-term investments. Before making any investments, conduct your own homework because every asset carries risk.

This prediction is totally based on our prediction and can be change so better do your own analysis before going for any further decision.

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