Most Expensive States In United States to Live Now

This had a direct influence on inflation, which in the United States is currently running at 8.2 percent for the month of September, a 40-year high.

Higher inflation entails higher living expenses for all Americans, but it particularly affects people from low-income households.

A New York City plays a significant role in the fact that the state of New York is the sixth most expensive state in the country to live in.

The city has distorted housing costs across the state because housing outside of New York City is still reasonably priced.

California comes in fourth on this list with a score of 139.8 on the cost of living index.

In the Golden State, housing is a substantial expense, similar to New York, but so are transportation, groceries, and utilities.

Massachusetts Despite having one of the lowest rates of poverty in the country, Massachusetts nonetheless has a cost of living index score of 147.9 and exorbitantly high housing expenditures.

Hawaii now ranks as the most costly state to live in with a cost of living index score of 189.9.

Although there is still a low level of poverty, the cost of groceries alone is 50% more than the national average.